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21 March - 20 April
extensions or renovations to the home, such as a new guest or playroom, can involve different members’ skills and energies. All contributions will help. The Full Moon will be in a testing sign of Capricorn for you on Sunday 9th. That may put you in the middle of some emotional difficulties. The New Moon will be in the sign of Leo and that is Sunday 23rd meaning a new creative month shines before you in your fellow fire sign of Leo. You will have a lot to give because of the joy of self expression.
21 April - 21 May
You may be thinking about home entertaining and you would be a fabulous host or hostess this month providing a comfortable, yet classically decorated, atmosphere to your home. There are intense emotional dynamics operating on the Full Moon of the 9th. The Moon and Pluto, conjoined together, will overthrow previous irresponsible political judgments. There can be extreme emotions between neighbours or colleagues. The New Moon on the 23rd will be entirely different and focuses your attention on fresh starts.
22 May - 22 June
Sudden unstable events are around the 17th just before Mars moves into the fiery sign of Leo on the 20th. There is a New Moon on the 23rd and that makes you take action to show off your achievements. Prior to this the Full Moon on the 9th is in the politically motivated sign of Capricorn which will get you “hot under the collar” and perhaps become a revolutionary against government dictatorships. At month’s end there is prime confidence, courage and drive, available to take charge of personal events.
23 June - 22 July
This is one of the strongest months of the year that you feel occupied with making maximum security within your home and your business. The Full Moon is in Capricorn on the 9th and unfortunately, that will make it easy to get into a major contest of wills with someone over something that starts quite innocently, but then quickly snowballs. This is because the planet Pluto is in transit close to the Moon and Pluto has destructive energies around financial problems. It would be wise to walk away from arguments before they turn into “fisticuffs”!. There is still minor volatile energies around the 17th when instability reigns.
23 July- 22 August
With the planet Saturn and Neptune retrograde there is still some uncertainty about which direction your career will head into next. The 9th may see the Full Moon bring up your repressed feelings. There may be some contact with hospitals and invalids, and some volunteering would be excellent for you at this time. The New Moon after the 23rd is concentrated and energized into your sign, this means all your motivating action will be based on heart-centered desires. Possibility of gambling on lotto or similar.
23 August - 23 September
The planet Mercury being your ruling Planet, moves from the sign of Cancer into Leo on the weekend of the 8th. There is a Full Moon on the 9th and that is accompanied by Pluto bringing power dynamics to play in relationships. If you are in group situations there will be debates raging and much time spent on different people’s opinions. Even when motives are pure there are those who wish to be in control and you will see that come into play. Venus moves into Gemini from the 6th of the month, and spending the whole month in that sign it may test your relationships with people only using head space and not connected to their heart
24 September - 23 October
As Jupiter is in your sign and moving through your sector of your own personality it should be a bringer of good fortune. As Uranus is in the sign of Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius you have massive planetary fire signs working with the winds of Jupiter and Venus. This means that the month is primed to be one of your best as Mercury slides into Leo around the Full Moon weekend and you can do pretty much anything you want to achieve in life. You should keep a note that August will see Mercury go retrograde again so don’t expect good things to last forever.
24 October - 22 November
As the Sun, Mercury and Mars, are at various times moving through the sign of Cancer, which by the way this month, is travel and education areas, you might have dealings overseas, or take a trip related to business or family. There is something also dealing with spiritual beliefs, foreign cultures, and plans for the future. Some email correspondence with those overseas holds an emotional appeal.
23 November - 21 December
The planet Saturn is now in retrograde with your sign. It will focus on any Legal Wills that you may need to bring up to date, perhaps your partner’s financial position and fixing up your taxation matters. In fact, the weekend with the New Moon, being in Capricorn, will indicate it is all about money management. If you have been careless you will need to set things straight. Perhaps there is the need to create a new and leaner budget. If you have to accept a loss make it so with the least amount possible. You will come good again later in the year.
22 December - 20 January
This is a very special week for you as on the 9th you have a Full Moon in your sign. As the planet Pluto is very close to this Full Moon relationships are likely to be your prime motivator and that includes a spouse, business partner, public relations consultant, therapist and even a surgeon! Being the end of the financial year this month may work well for your career involving finalization of tax records, and looking into new investments.
21 January - 19 February
The Full Moon in Capricorn finds the first two weeks getting time to recharge your energies and review your ambitions. The New Moon is in your commitment zone and this plants the seeds for solid relationships whether it be would of love, relationships, or golden ties with those you deal with. At month’s end the Libran Moon sees favorable reactions by others to the work that you have completed for them.
20 February - 20 March
Being a water sign yourself, you now have the Sun, Mercury and Mars in the fellow watery sign of Cancer for the greater part of the month. Mars in fact will be there for three weeks. Hopefully this should feel the love feeling in from your children, partner and even recreational friendships. These planets help show off your executive leadership skills. From the Full Moon on the 9th to the New Moon on the 23rd you will trust in your famous psychic inspired intuition!

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6 Months gone already!

Hello again Weekly Subscribers and 6 months of this year has gone already!

Wow that was so fast! Yes and by August 22nd you will be passing the test of 6 months of the Eclipses from February to this August. Are you interested to know what the test is? Well it is the test of your confusion!

 If you are not confused , in perfect health, making a fortune, living in a beautiful home with no mortgage and maybe a well behaved intelligent child within your happy marriage ...then read no further and go straight to the stars below!

The rest of us may yet need to know what the future holds for us! OK so the biggest event from now until December is that Chiron is going retrograde from 28 to 24 degrees Pisces. Chiron has been in Pisces since 2010 and completes its journey in 2019! That means over the last 2 years it has had a challenge by Saturn in the sign of Sagittarius. It was so interesting that the census has revealed that the majority of Australians are still Christian but the records stated that the Group marked “No Religion” has gone up in leaps and bounds. That is an energetic result of Pisces and Sagittarians debating in the heavens as to who , what and where is this Male Deity that is invisible and seemingly not able to be much help to this planet at this time! Humans have been left to clean up their own mess. Sagittarius deals with the “Church” whatever the religion. The final clash of these two forces are arriving over the next 6 months! This current news item of the alleged charges against Cardinal Pell and the alleged misdeeds of many clerics are now coming to light!

 Watch out for massive revelations and secrets exposed during August! That month coming is explosive! Secrets are revealed of “King and Queens, political rulers and great Judges” everywhere and in every nation! The secrets of all held back since February this year will be on display for all to see! The benefit areas will be in massive drug exposures , the banking system, old age retirement services and corrupt government departments. But wait there is more, just upon us now!

 The Full Moon in Capricorn on Sunday 9 July is likely to pack a punch! There is a strong emotional content to this Full Moon, with that Moon together with Pluto in Capricorn opposing the Sun and Mars in Cancer. Secrets may come to light, secrets that are ordinarily kept well-hidden within the walls of Capricornia top robed respectability. Holy Moly!

Power struggles are likely to play out big time, and the question of trust is likely to arise as a key factor. The Full Moon in Capricorn highlights the difference between public and private life, and at the personal level invites us to find a balance between these two opposing polarities of work and home. Australia is a Capricorn Country so from this Wed to this Sunday full moon we should see the Politician`s in a boxing match like the big world championship one being held now! You know ...we have a very clever universe computer...the Philippines is a Cancer ruled Country and Australia is Capricorn! Strange coincidence at this time! If there is something you have been working towards for a while, this Full Moon is likely to bring things to fruition with a strong sense of achievement. If you are correctly placed for selling real estate then it’s going to happen.

As for buying I will advise on that later this year as when interests rise at the end of this year people might just have to unload fast! Around this Eclipse in August you may move from a rags to riches experience!


In a Solar Eclipse, the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth, temporarily blocking out the light of the Sun.
On an interpretive level, a Solar Eclipse represents the past, our unconscious nature (the Moon) overtaking and overshadowing our conscious expression of self (the Sun). More than this, what we “see” is the dark, hidden side of the Moon.
In a Solar Eclipse we are forced to look at our shadow self, to acknowledge it and recognize it or else it will consume us. Solar Eclipses tend to relate to sudden events that disrupt our normal conscious functioning; they are the crisis that seems to come out of nowhere and that suddenly demands all of our conscious attention and focus.
We must learn to accept that the source of these crises, however external it may appear, is actually our own unconscious and subconscious. Whatever situations that arise as a result of a Solar Eclipse, in addition to their manifest reality, are truly projections of our shadow self, of our fears, of our secrets, and of our demons.
By acknowledging and accepting these parts of ourselves, we can help to keep them from disrupting our lives periodically. (The important lesson is that we must accept and acknowledge our shadow self rather than deny and ignore it.)


There is a strong emotional content to this Full Moon, with that Moon together with Pluto in Capricorn opposing the Sun and Mars in Cancer. CAPRICORN IS GOVERNMENT AND CANCER IS THE SIGN OF THE U.S.A.! Secrets may come to light, secrets that are ordinarily kept well-hidden within the walls of Capricornia top robed respectability. Holy Moly! Power struggles are likely to play out big time, and the question of trust is likely to arise as a key factor. The Full Moon in Capricorn highlights the difference between public and private life, and at the personal level invites us to find a balance between these two opposing polarities of work and home. Well look at this recent news blast! Washington is smouldering in the wake of bombshell revelations about contacts between President Trump's eldest son and figures with connections to the Kremlin.


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