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Uranus in Taurus will RETROGRADE August 6th until FEBRUARY 2019! This will bring economic justice to all. This reviews everything to do with the money supply, trade barriers and the use of different types of energy including 'nuclear'!  We have entered a time when the universe will support our material development through surprise gifts, connections, and orchestrations of wealth in all of its wonderful forms. Our individual developmental goals will be supported unexpectedly by the rich, generous, and serendipitous influence of Uranus in Taurus. So if you feel stretched, stressed, or exhausted in the material sense know with certainty that your goals and dreams are precious and that the time has finally come for you to be materially enabled and enriched. Generosity towards the needs of others will open you to the genius of Uranus.


Take note of your wishes for the new moon next Saturday 11th August!  Wake up on SATURDAY morning with your wishes under the pillow.  One wish should be for being blessed with good health and an immune system capable of defeating the virus carried by air whether of colds , flu or gastro!    The second wish may be for you to remember what you did and what you acheived in 1999! This is another 19 year cycle coming up for you so set your goals now with the wisdom learnt from the last 19 Years!!



In astrology, the Chiron asteroid symbolises your deepest wound, your seed of spiritual transformation, and the alchemist of your life. Whenever Chiron is active in your birth chart, it often brings about a healing of wounds that your soul has been sent to learn and grow from.All of us come into this life with wounds to heal. These wounds are carried over from our previous lifetimes, but they can also be lessons that our soul is eager to learn. Sometimes our soul will take on these wounds and lessons in order to become a teacher or a guide.

Take note all you born 18th to 21st March as Chiron is at the point of the Fixed Star called "SCHEAT"!  This means you have the chance to heal a mortal wound.  If not treated with care and diligence then it can turn into a really "MORTAL" WOUND!

In astrology, whatever sign Chiron falls in your birth chart can often indicate or give clues as to what wounds you have come to heal in this life.

It usually belongs to Blood Pressure broblems , heart attacks and Ovarian Cysts that can become Cancerious!

No matter what sign your Chiron was in at birth, Chiron’s move into Aries is going to affect everyone. Chiron moves signs very rarely, and when it does, it brings a shift in energy and leaves a lasting imprint that we will all be able to look and reflect back on once it has finished its journey.

In Pisces, Chiron, FROM 2010, has been guiding all of us to focus on healing our spiritual selves. Chiron has been asking us to awaken to our truth and to really dig deep into our psyche in order to uncover subconscious thoughts and beliefs. While in Pisces, we have all been encouraged to activate and open our spiritual selves, and to understand that there is more to this life than just what we see. Many awakenings have happened since Chiron’s entrance into Pisces, and this gentle placement has helped all of us to open our minds on some level.  Perhaps think back to what was happening in your own life regarding your spirituality since this time. Perhaps reflect on any subconscious thought patterns that were bought to your attention, or awakening  moments that helped to inspire and heal you.  By understanding this, it will allow you to gain some insight on what may unfold as Chiron retrogrades back and enters Aries once again.  That deals with your own body which is not allowed to play victim any more!  That may have drained the life force from you by the stress of looking after averone else and forgetting your own needs.

Chiron enters Aries on April 18th, but will hover in and out of Aries and Pisces until 2019. Even though we will start to get a taste of Aries Chiron energy during 2018, we will really begin most of the work in 2019.  It may also help to pay attention to what unfolds in your life around April 18, 2018 and February 18-19, 2019. If there are any significant shifts, thoughts or feelings, this may also hold a clue as to what this energy has in store for you.

On a global level, Chiron in Aries is all about healing our ego and our sense of self. This is a time for all of us to learn how to embrace who we are and to allow our ego to work for us, not against us.  This is also a time of self-realization, and coming into a new understanding of our individual uniqueness and what our purpose here on earth is. The fundamental question- Who am I? Will be explored under this energy on a whole new level.

Chiron in Aries is very physical, so our bodies may also be extra sensitive under this energy, and we may need to pay greater attention to our health. Any injuries or physical ailments may also come to the surface in order to be repaired and balanced once and for all.  While Chiron in Pisces was a very gentle and patient energy, Chiron in Aries is going to be a little more aggressive and quick moving.  Chiron in Pisces would have given us time to think, ponder, reflect, and dig a little deeper, whereas Chiron in Aries is all about taking care of things quickly and efficiently. We going to be encouraged to heal and resolve things swiftly and to not wallow in events that come our way.

Under the influence of Aries energy, we are going to be continually encouraged to get back up and dust ourselves off whenever we get knocked down. This energy feels like a bit of tough love that the Universe is sending our way in order to progress us further and faster.  It is important to understand that healing, grief, pain and sadness, is all part of life, and all part of the experience of being human.  Our souls are made of unconditional love and we will always return to this place, but here on Earth, we must allow ourselves to feel, and we must give ourselves permission to be who we are.

By the time Chiron has finished its journey in Aries in 2027, we are all going to have a greater acceptance of ourselves, and an understanding that our unique expression is important for not only finding our purpose, but for healing on both an individual and global level.


The Wizard of Woombye.


Hoping you are enjoying your kaleidoscope of Stars and general information this week…from:
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I want to share the star news this week ahead and tell you about the next Eclipse coming soon on 11th August and that Uranus is to go Retrograde!  Now the first thing to note is that you are now about to look back 19 years back to 1999!  That is the effect of this Eclipse Cycle!  With 6 Planets also retrograde now, this is when you discover true friendships from the past coming back into view again!  Personally I arrived from Sydney to Sunshine Coast and wonder whether another shift may be in store.  My whole life changed dramatically and yours may be in for strange alterations too!

At this Eclipse time Mars, still retrograde,  is in the sign of Aquarius, challenging Uranus and of course Uranus rules Aquarius. So we should expect some really weird things to happen at this time.  One wonders about earthquakes coming as well as explosive Volcanoes.  We are already aware of the tragic fires of Greece and California!  On top of all this we hear of the intense heat waves throughout Europe and in Australia there is one of the most severe droughts in history!  Uranus will commence its retrograde period starting 7th August!  This Eclipse is Square to the Asteroid Goddess , Juno. She was the wife of Jupiter. This is very big for relationships changing  both personal as well as international ones such as  Brexit and other middle Eastern countries?   Juno influences weather....flowers...fairness...and female genitalia....(see note below...right smack on time!) . Also Juno is now active on Spouse abuse...powerlessness , women’s rights, rage, denial, betrayal and bitterness. 

Now I hope that your interest will be peeked at a little known point in the stars called ‘Lilith’. (See further note on Lilith after the weekly Stars below.)  In Aquarius, Lilith is the embodiment of rebellion. ‘Conventional’ is not a word that she likes!  At best, Lilith in Aquarius inspires artists, politicians, and visionaries far beyond their time. Their hopes, dreams, and desires are completely out-of-this-world -- so much so that many of their worldly companions find them distant or alien.   Are they walk-ins? You decide. Ironically, this placement grants a great power that can be used to build people up or crush them.   (EG Cambodia and Burma)  The person can either fear their powerlessness, or the opposite, fear their own power.
Integration comes from facing yourself and asking yourself if you use or refuse to use your own power!   Practice self reinforcement and stop yourself from neglecting yourself, build people up every chance you get.


Here is an interesting update on ‘Lilith”! 

 WHO IS LILITH?  Above all, Lilith may be the most deeply misunderstood figure in all of astrology. Her story has been exploited to suit the  spiritual agenda and incorrectly quoted. Even the most common image used to depict her has been proved to a different deity due to an outdated translation of the Epic of Gilgamesh, but mystics haven’t caught up. To their credit, it’s probably because we don’t have all that much to go on. She’s mysterious, and references to her are cryptic and sparse. Modern New Age lore tends to focus strictly on Lilith’s positive characteristics, largely ignoring what facts we do have. Here’s what we know: Lilith was a Jewish demon before being syncretised as a goddess. She’s named in the book of Isaiah and the Dead Sea Scrolls among “destroying angels”, “spirits of the bastards”, and “goat-demons”. Why was she so reviled? Jewish tradition holds that Lilith was Adam’s first wife before Eve. When she asked to take the dominant role in sex -- a.k.a. do anything besides missionary -- she was cast out of Eden for upsetting the power dynamic.  In the same way, her astrological energy is that of disruption. She’s the sexuality that  women are told to hide, and the anger we’re told is too much to show in public. She’s the overwhelming lust that comes on without warning.


In very early Judaism, rabbis also assigned Lilith a host of other uncomfortable associations and warned women against them, including the following: abortion, growing long hair, and sitting down to pee (yes, really). Nocturnal emissions also fell under her domain, so it’s also probably safe to say that self-love is her thing too. On the other hand, she could also be invoked for protection -- Jewish incantation bowls that were buried upside down in houses to trap demons and protect the home were painted with her likeness.   Curiously, Lilith was later subsumed into the Greco-Roman pantheon as part of the Lamia, a group of female vampiric demons named for the sinister Queen Lamia. (Google her story -- it’s juicy.) Others believed her to be the daughter of Hecate, the goddess of witchcraft; she’s also associated with magick in modern witchcraft.



ARIES [March 21 - 20 April]

During August Venus enters the sign of Libra, a sign it rules, and being a partnership sign you and your partner should enjoy a smooth period from August to September.  This planet hopefully will make you more aware of how necessary balance is to your relationship.  Perhaps you could strive to bring more of it into dealings with each other.  On August 11th there is a Solar Eclipse in the sign of Leo, this one should usher in new opportunities for your creative endeavours.  

21 April - 21 May


Be ready for a Solar Eclipse in the sign of Leo on August 11th, which should bring about new opportunities to show off your skills and possibly impact your home life in some creative way.  For some buying new real estate you might get  great deal on that home you are buying.  It also applies to those who wish to sell and obtain your asking price on the house you are selling.  As the planet Venus moves through the sign of Libra, between August 6th and September 9th it functions for you at full capacity, and you should be then more aware of the balance of power in your relationships with co-workers. 

22 May - 22 June



This August is a five star month for you!! Even though there is some tension between two planets pushing you into new opportunities you should be aware that there is chance to build a new web site or start something famous for your neighbourhood or community.  This is the time you might get together with a “ghost writer”.  This is because the planet Venus moves through a fellow air sign, Libra, and brings out the best romance and creativity sector of your chart.  Go back to last April, or May, and see what favourable events took place then and enjoy similar creative endevours. 

23 June - 22 July


This month for you features a Solar Eclipse in Leo on August 11th.  Since it occurs in your financial sector this is where you can expect new opportunities to surface. A solar eclipse gets the best result when you let go of something that is not working well over the last six months.  If you feel like a travel plan is required it is now safe to pack your bags after Mercury turns direct, from August 19th,  By the end of the month contracts that are signed then, or new projects launched, have a better chance of success.  The next major event is the Full Moon in Pisces on the 26th.  Both Uranus, the planet of change, and Saturn, the planet of practicality, form favourable angles to this Full Moon.  Perhaps any news you hear will be unexpected.  

23 July- 22 August

LEO (July 23 – 22 August )

A Solar Eclipse in your sign is on August 11th and is important to you.  Why?  Because it signals the beginning of something new.  A relationship?  A job?  Career?  Creative Endeavour or even a new source of income?  Eclipses mean you have to give up something, which is not working in your life, over the past 6 months, in order for the new opportunities to flow again in the next six months.  Whatever you are giving up is probably something you have outgrown.  In the first week of the month Venus enters Libra, right through to September 9th.  You may be writing or blogging about art, music, photography, literature or dance.  

23 August - 23 September

VIRGO (23 August – 22 September)

An intriguing month for all Virgo’s because of the Solar Eclipse mid August.  That should bring you opportunities for self expression and going to a new venue, that you have not been before.  If you are an actor you could land a part, unlike anything you have played before.  If a parent you have  a chance to communicate with your child in a new creative way.  Remember this, that sometimes, with the Solar Eclipse, you have to give up or surrender something before the new opportunities surface.  You are able to balance financial matters well and find that there is no need to spend frivolously !  At the third week Mercury turns direct in Leo.  Now it’s time to decide what you would most like to do!  The Full Moon in Pisces, at month’s end, highlights your personal and business partnerships.

24 September - 23 October

LIBRA [23 September - 22 October]

This is another busy month for the Librans.  With the Solar Eclipse on the11th, in the sign of Leo, that should go well with all Librans, bringing ample opportunities to achieve your wishes and dreams.  Opportunities may come through a friend or a group to which you belong.  As the planet of reconstruction, namely Pluto, forms a challenging angle to the eclipse degree, there will be an indication of a confrontation with those people in authority, such as Government Agencies.  Because Venus will be in your sign, through this eclipse, and lasts until September 9th, single Librans should find it a romantic and creative time.   When Mercury turns direct from August 19th you revise and fine tune projects that have been on the back-burner for the past six weeks.  Your social life takes off again and you feel that the world is your oyster.

24 October - 22 November

SCORPIO [23 October - 22 November]

August may be a wild ride!  The Solar Eclipse in Leo, on August 11th has the stress factor to push you into new professional opportunities.  This could mean changing to a new office, having a new boss, or having new responsibilities foisted upon you.   With both Pluto and Neptune forming challenging angles to this eclipse it suggests that authority figures want you to perform better, and more efficiently.  But with Neptune in sync with your Sun Sign, you come out ahead in the end.  Romance is more likely to be kept under wraps for a while, and if you do find a suitable person you will want to enjoy your solitude together, in order to know each other.  

23 November - 21 December

SAGITTARIUS  (23 November – 21 December)

This AUGUST month sees a Solar Eclipse in a fellow-fire sign, “Leo”.  Both Sagittarius and Leo have the energies that should help you usher in new opportunities related to furthering your education, international travel and to put your best creative abilities out there.  Sometimes there is travel overseas with a church group or a philosophical organization.  With the full moon in Pisces, towards the end of the month, there may be unexpected but positive news concerning your home and family.  For some there will be a sign of pregnancy with a successful birth of a healthy child. 

22 December - 20 January

CAPRICORN [23 December - 19 January].

New opportunities come with shared resources and your partner might get a raise or receive a commission cheque.  It may also be an insurance reimbursement.  There is a possibility of inheriting some money too.  Saturn and Pluto form a challenge aspect to the eclipse, suggesting an undercurrent of family tension.  With Venus moving through the sig of Libra from August 6th to September 9th it moves through your career sector.  This means your professional life unfolds with greater ease.  People are attracted to you and if you are in Sales your numbers increase during this transit.  If self-employed there are good results with several projects.

21 January - 19 February

AQUARIUS [20 January - 19 February]    

Last June Mars reversed in the sign of Aquarius, but now Mars turns direct again in the last degrees of Capricorn so you will see better results in your financial sector.  The Full Moon in Pisces, after the 26th, also brings sudden unexpected news about a financial matter.  A Solar Eclipse often portends a new chapter in our lives and new opportunities that help us move in unexplored directions.  From August 11th the Eclipse will help you tap into a project that enables you to explore a new creative part of your life.  You may team up with a friend or partner to launch, or promote a business, website or be part of a book.  

20 February - 20 March

PISCES [20     February - 20 March]

This Solar Eclipse, mid August, in the Leo sign should bring opportunities into your daily work routines.  You may present your resume in a new area and find a new job that pays more.  This is more than likely after Mercury turns direct from the 19th.  This mercury being in the sign of Leo encourages you to show that you have the ability to help the employer make better business deals.  With Venus entering the sign of Libra, from the6th, and Mercury from August 19th your partner may see a spike in your income, or you could receive a royalty cheque or insurance refund.  So you can benefit after the 19th by moving forward with everything that went on hold during its last retrograde, over three weeks ago.  


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