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Mars "The God of War, Bombing, Knives and Guns" is now in full gear!

Yes we have just heard of the massive bomb blast in Beirut , Lebanon!  

A fellow local brilliant Astrologer has said of this time and this Mars energy now with us for the next 6 months:-

"After his meeting with Chiron 2 weeks ago, the Sacred Warrior Mars moves closer towards his appointed meeting with the Black Moon Lilith in Aries in August. Ongoing and important Mars/Aries activations will continue throughout the remainder of 2020.

Mars is not an easy energy. His inclination is towards competition, conflict and battle. He can be a downright bully and warmonger. For many of us who are more inclined towards love, co-operation and harmony, or have been on the receiving end of unhealthy Mars expressions, it can be an energy we'd rather reject and avoid.

But denying our inner Mars/Aries energy can keep us trapped in fear and feeling like a victim...... tired, uninspired, depressed and overwhelmed. A healthy relationship with our natural Mars energy brings us to life, energises us with courage, purpose and renewed vitality to step boldly into the New.

With many planets now Retrograde and the planets in Aries making challenging squares to the big Capricorn energies, it feels as if life is at an oppressive standstill. How does Mars feel when he experiences constraints? Thwarted! Frustrated! But the wise Sacred Warrior uses such a time to face his fears, heal old wounds, prepare, hone his skills, clean his weapons and align with the Light.

Mars and Aries are an important part of the unfolding Shifts of 2020. Mars is energised now to ignite a new fire of passion within us that can take us forward, birthing the New, feeling truly alive and purposeful.


Mars is on a mission while travelling through its own sign of Aries.

Mars is activating the Sacred Masculine within us.

We’ve experienced the aggressive expression of Mars here on Earth for many centuries…

Now the time has come to understand the results on humanity of that competition and aggression - and create a new evolutionary path by turning energy into joyful passion.  



Watch for any emotional triggers and hold your reactions in check. Instead, be firm and strong.

Since Jupiter’s energy is so expansively positive, you want to use the fire of Mars energy wisely, so you don’t burn the candle at both ends.

Moderate your energy resources so you don’t run out of steam.

Guard against impulsiveness – by being crystal clear of your intentions.

We are in the midst of an evolutionary leap!

Mars is now activating the distinction between intelligent issues or victim positions!

Good or bad authority issues! Democracy or dictatorship!

The fight between Capitalism and Socialism!


Jupiter has been retrograde and we have had a revision of our dealings with Covid19!

It takes 12 years for Jupiter to travel around the Sun; then it pauses at its stationary position for five to eight days. Approximately once a year, for around four months or so, this planet is in retrograde.
Jupiter, like Saturn, is a social planet. Its actions affect people in a very holistic manner. The retrograde of Jupiter causes us to reevaluate our ethics as a society. Philosophies are rewritten, religious or spiritual beliefs are questioned and the very fibers of our being are scrutinized. Lessons that have become commonplace and routine are seen in a new light.

The results of these changes can be either fruitful or inauspicious, depending on the individual, the culture and the situation. Working from the premise that the universe flows within us and that individuals are connected by a greater thread, we focus more on the similarities and trends that span the globe than on the individual. Jupiter in retrograde isn’t a great time for travel, as plans are likely to cave in on themselves.



29-and-a-half years is the duration of Saturn’s average cycle around the Sun, and once a year the planet goes into retrograde for about four-and-a-half months. The transition between the appearance of forward motion into retrograde motion is called the stationary period.

During its stationary period, Saturn has the appearance of not moving at all for about eleven or twelve days.Saturn’s effect on Earth slows everything down.

This planet in retrograde is a taskmaster: It can make us work with extra effort or it can make us think deeply and contemplate our actions or the world around us.

There are no short cuts when Saturn’s spin reverses, and one shouldn’t consider rushing through long and detailed projects. Take this opportunity to breathe and to do things the right way the first time around. Issues with authority may rise to the forefront; sealing deals and finalizing contracts may be put off longer than you’d like.

Deadline extensions are granted and you may find yourself hammering away again at something you thought was complete.


A whopping 248 years must pass here on Earth before Pluto completes a single cycle of rotation around the Sun. Pluto spends, on average, twenty-one years in each Sign and five months out of the year in retrograde. In between its regular cycle and retrograde Pluto rests stationary for up to seventeen days, depending on the season.

Fresh starts and dead ends accompany Pluto’s retrograde stage. The things that we hang onto most tightly can suddenly be taken away. Pluto’s retrograde is also a time of destruction and rebuilding, rejuvenation and regeneration. We may be forced to reevaluate the things we value most. Heavy forces that are outside of an individual’s control are at play, including war, weapons and government upheaval.

With Pluto in retrograde in your birth chart, it’s all an issue of control. Depending on the circumstances, you may find yourself in the grip of someone else’s whim, feeling taken advantage of or manipulated. On the other end of the spectrum, you could be the person in the throne using your own power to destroy others and, ultimately, yourself and your world. Either way, the abuse of power is a very large issue for people born with a Pluto retrograde in their chart.

You don’t have to believe in reincarnation to heed your astrological past life. Past lives can be a metaphor to help you better understand the meaning of retrograde. When you look to your past life for guidance, you can see the astrological lessons you need to focus on today. Past lives teach us to attain enlightenment by reviving the old ghosts of important occurrences that shaped our personality. You must master this plateau before you can evolve spiritually and holistically.

Please keep in mind that Astrology is a guide, not a god. It is not a belief system but merely suggests methods by which we may live our lives to the fullest. Real Astrology is quite complex and assumptions are made based on intricate calculations. Putting too much weight on any single aspect of Astrology is fallacy. If you’re looking to the stars for guidance, keep in mind that a proper reading, such as your own unique astrological chart, is the sum of all of its parts.

The Goddess Black Moon AKA Lilith!

Another phenomenon of this time period in the Stars is the Black Moon Lilith, who entered the sign of Aries on January 27th and leaves that sign on October 21st 2020!  I am sure that you have now all seen the horrible arrest of that pregnant housewife in Ballarat this last week!  Also there was the loss of a twin baby, near birth, because of a Border closure in Queensland!

Well this “Black Moon Lilith”  (also now in Aries),  has the same initials, by coincidence of “BLM”  , was in mythology , around in the Babylonian demonology.... where the winged spirits preyed on pregnant women and infants!   This Arian ‘Black Moon’ sign has a bad aspect astrologically to Melbourne,  and Victoria which is  under the Cancer Star sign.  All the Aries and Capricorn planets transiting now have lined up against Victoria to get that State to revise , review and repair its structure and leadership.


Yet again Chiron , the ‘wounded healer’  Asteroid, is also in the sign of Aries and does now symbolises the pain, grief, and woundedness we are all feeling regarding the loss of our freedom, our jobs, and even our loved ones as well as our need to isolate , wear masks, and keep our distance!  So  this weekend and all this week,  the pressure rises to boiling point in Australia as the Arian energies of the Moon ,  Lilith, Chiron and Mars,    all in the assertive and aggressive sign of Aries,  are punishing Australia for lack of empathy in leadership.

Chiron is in fact right now,  square in high stress aspect to the  Australian   Sun and Saturn Planets in the sign of Capricorn!   We are approaching a major healing crisis! 


Pluto has been lined up with Saturn in Capricorn and the last time this happened was over 500 years ago. These are unusual times to put it mildly.

When Pluto and Saturn line up with each other, things are tough. For example, Pluto and Saturn lined up in 1914-1915, at the beginning of World War I; then again in 1931, at the beginning of the Great Depression; then again in 1940, the beginning of World War II. However, this year they lined up in the sign of Capricorn, and they have not lined up in Capricorn for over 500 years! 

Pluto is exposing the corruption of governmental structures, the police, banking systems and many other areas, you are impacted because you are part of this society. When will society start to heal? The first stage will be in November, when Mars stops being retrograde bringing a slight improvement. The second stage will be in late December, when both Jupiter and Saturn leave Capricorn. Another improvement. The third stage will be when Mars move into THE SIGN OF TAURUS  early January 2021 - yet, another improvement.

Mars is normally in ARIES for six weeks once every two years, but this year, Mars is in ARIES for six months! (July to Jan. 2021.) This aggravates that "square" -- the already adverse relationship you have with Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn. (It's like pressing on a wound.)  

In late December, things start to improve. Saturn leaves Capricorn and moves in Aquarius. This goes from "tough" to "supportive". A major improvement! Then, weeks later, in early January, Mars leaves Aries. This means next year will be much easier for you to navigate.

When Saturn and Pluto are lined up, it brings tough times. Lets repeat, they lined up in 1914-1915, at the beginning of World War I; then in 1931, at the beginning of the Great Depression; then in 1940, the beginning of World War II. Nevertheless, Pluto and Saturn have not lined up in Capricorn for over 500 years! Capricorn rules structure. (Including the human skeleton.) It governs governments, the police, the military, fire fighters, the Coast Guard, the church, ( remember the Cardinal Pell court case and the sacking of the head Cardinal of the finances of the Catholic Church!) and all corporations. These are the areas that will feel the most upheaval and will need to be reformed because this Pluto/Saturn combo exposes corruption and secrets that have been hidden for decades. This influence affects your day-to-day routine, your communications with others, your relationship with siblings and relatives and your ability to learn and study.

Without doubt, this year has been life altering for you because one of the most powerful planetary configurations has been taking place in your sign. Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008. The last time this happened was during the American Revolution. However, this year, Saturn and Pluto are lined up in Capricorn and this has not occurred for over 500 years. This influence has and is transforming the image you project to your world. It challenges the degree to which you are in control. Ultimately, it will transform you, and set your life in a new direction. 


From the year 2000 the number 1 is missing from those years of 1900 to 1999!  One is a grounding number. the number 2 is an emotional number and sits on the plane of 2,5, and 8 which is the emotional plane of numerology!   Therfore it is more difficult to have this present younger generation  handle financial fears and emotional insecuity.  

Many have pointed out that the air ways are laced with waves of wifi and mobile phones. The head space of this generation is not blessed with the main grounding number 'one'!

It may be wise to consider more tree hugging and spending time with feet on the ground instead of computer space waves. Perhaps a reading with Astrology and Numerology could see a big help to depression  as the way of their future ciold be necessary to awaken their mind to their built in success patterns.

Just a thought and also the sensiblity of the following:-

Going into a period of social distancing, self-isolation or quarantine may feel daunting or overwhelming, and can contribute to feelings of helplessness and fear. In addition to the above, we encourage the following;

  • Perspective – try to see this time as unique and different, not necessarily bad, even if it something you didn’t necessarily choose
  • Connection – think of creative ways to stay connected with others, including social media, email and phone.
  • Be generous to others – giving to others in times of need not only helps the recipient, it enhances your wellbeing too. Is there a way to help others around you?
  • Stay connected with your values. Don’t let fear or anxiety drive your interactions with others. We are all in this together!
  • Daily routine – create a routine that prioritises things you enjoy and even things you have been meaning to do but haven’t had enough time. Read that book, watch that show, take up that new hobby.
  • Try to see this as a new and unusual period that might even have some benefits.
  • Limit your exposure to news and media. Perhaps choose specific times of day when you will get updates, and ensure they are from reputable and reliable sources.



ARIES [March 21 - 20 April]

Last month the planetary power shifted from the night side of your chart to the day side of your chart.  Home, family and emotional issues are becoming less important and the focus is more on our career.  Now, as your career planet Saturn, started to move forward, last September 29th, the timing for your career is moving forward .  Perhaps some surgery is recommended to you since the planet Mars, which rules sharp instruments and knives is very apparent!.    Since your health planet Mercury will move into retrograde from Wednesday 14th October,  you would wise to get a second opinion on any major health crisis.   As the planet Venus will spend most of the month in Virgo from the 2nd to the 28th she is in her weakest position.  The urge to socialise is not up to its usual standards.  During October,  avoid destructive criticism of your partner or your boss at work.  You may  regard yourself as more perfect than anybody else,  which may be true,  but this will not help much with Management, parents and siblings!   Month’s end Venus enters Libra, guaranteeing social improvements.

21 April - 21 May


Now that planets lessen their retrograde activity this month,  events in the world, and your life, are moving forward, little by little!  As Mercury will go retrograde from 14th Oct to the 4th November there could be some financial disagreements with a parent or your authority figures at work!   It may take a couple of weeks to resolve.  Any opportunities for business partnerships or joint ventures under this transit must be studied carefully, as it is unlikely to be rewarded with financial success.   It may be in fact better for you to cut your losses at this time and revise your career and love life, if necessary, towards a better future.  As this world moves towards its major financial crisis according to old charting of repeating cycles, better life experiences will arrive,  but not until mid 2021.   So get rid of redundant accounts, or wasteful expenditures!   This is a time also to get rid of possessions that you do not use, or no longer need.  The planet Mercury going through a Scorpio retrograde phase, in its travels, means to “let go” of things in your life that block you or tie you down into wasteful routines.

22 May - 22 June


Even under the difficult business circumstances of the economy at present there is no need for any Gemini to be unemployed this month.  Your work planet, Pluto, is moving forward and your sector of general work is strong.  As Jupiter, known for its fame and fortune, is moving along with the planet Pluto,  it shows that job opportunities and social contacts are likely to bring employment opportunities.   Even those of you that are already employed can have a new and better opportunity.  Some of you are probably considering taking on second jobs or working overtime.  Your chart shows that this is a month where you put other people’s interests ahead of your own.  Many of you who are single should enjoy a romantic opportunity.  That should come in your local neighbourhood or through an educational function, similar to a lecture or seminar, book store or library.  The month ahead is prosperous. There will be two Full Moons this month, meaning you have an extra financial jolt!  A super New Moon, in general, means the earning power is stronger from the 16th October.  

23 June - 22 July


Your sector of home and family is one of the strongest in your horoscope this month.  Mars is your career planet and in its position it is now retrograding all month, so it pays to focus more on your home and family.  By the end of the month, with most of the planets in the western side of your chart, your focus will be on helping others in their dire needs, under this pandemic.  Your financial structure will probably slow down now until the end of the month.  Up until that time there can be financial disagreements with the spouse or business partner.  Even perhaps with your children!  As we move to the birthdays belonging to Scorpio’s from the 23rd of the month onwards, this would be a good period to cut expenses and go on a detox.  The New Moon mid month is called a Super New Moon occurring when the Moon is at her closest distance to earth so it is more powerful than usual.  This could be a good financial time for you between the New Moon and the Full Moon on the 31st which occurs right on the planet Uranus, showing expected happening and surprising financial benefits

23 July- 22 August

LEO (July 23 – 22 August )

The month ahead, and even another couple of months, is all about catering to others and their interests.  Now that is going to be hard for you, as a Leo, but it is a good spiritual lesson!  Many psychological problems have their origin in excessive self-centredness, so there is a therapeutic dimension to this time.  Under the Mars influence, which is so strong now, it is teaching you that which you have been learning all this year is that you are to take care of others and therefore, your own needs get met as well.   You may have been trying to measure your career success in hard cash – in monetary terms – not in terms of prestige and status.  Venus is now moving into your money sector and it can bring pay rises, official or unofficial, and would show the correct focus and balance.  This will be an unusual month as it is about getting into emotional harmony and making sure the home and family situation is solid.  If you are giving or receiving, or involved in therapies, you should make great progress mid month onwards.  Some hidden traumas and old chronic problems can be dealt with!

23 August - 23 September

VIRGO (23 August – 22 September)

The month ahead is still very prosperous.  What is important is that Venus will help your financial area by moving into your own sign on the 2nd and staying until the 28th October.  The planet Venus is stronger than usual, at this time, as she is part of a Grand Trine in earth signs, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn!  A very practical, configuration.  There may be a couple of financial windfalls for you, plus clothing and personal accessories will also arrive.  Expect financial opportunities will come  with little effort on your part,  and there will be opportunities for dealing with foreign contacts, either physically or via the internet.  This is a month people will see you dress expensively and stylishly!  There may be even a tendency to show off your wealth.  The New Moon on the 16th also occurs in your financial area, so that is not only a powerful day but its effect will go on for a month to clarify some of your financial questions.  Mercury is the ruler of your horoscope and will go retrograde mid month which means time to review and slow down for rest periods.  That involves your mental area also. 

24 September - 23 October

LIBRA [23 September - 22 October]

You may find that finances, which have been reasonable , can become even slightly better in the month ahead.  This is because Pluto is the planet that revolves around your money sector and also the economy, Pluto starts moving forward after several months of reverse motion.  As the expansive planet Jupiter begins to get close to Pluto this will tend to expand earnings by the end of the year.  Little by little now, your pace of life quickens and perhaps your social calendar becomes filled up from what was previously a “barren desert” of empty spaces.   Mars, being your love planet, is still retrograde all this month now, and does move into stressful aspects from the sign Aries to the sign Capricorn.  This could bring personal challenges into the life of your beloved.  There does seem to be some sort of psychological distance, if not a physical one.   The challenge you face will be to bridge your differences.  The planet Venus moves from Virgo into your sign for over 3 weeks from 29th to 21st  Nov!  Venus your ruler,  has recently been discovered with toxic gases.  It explains some of your relationships!

24 October - 22 November

SCORPIO [23 October - 22 November]

The planetary powers to be, in your chart, show that you are now at your maximum eastern side with great strength.  This means that you are in a period of personal independence, so even though other people are always important and should be shown respect, however you have the power to go your own way!   Your way is not only the best way, but you have the power to make the changes you need for your own happiness.  The planet Venus spends nearly all month in the sign of Virgo and does not reach your sign until Sunday 22nd November.  That should see your finances improve greatly.  Venus is part of a Grand Trine in the Earth signs.  This means there is a natural beneficial flow of energy from earth to water, of which your sign is one of the other water signs i.e. Pisces and Cancer.  Overall the planet Venus can have a tendency to be hyper critical and perfectionist.  Whereas the planet Venus, wants to share love with a partner, she becomes more involved during October, in being intellectual and analytical.    Venus helps look for flaws but Scorpio must not be over critical

23 November - 21 December

SAGITTARIUS  (23 November – 21 December)

You have a transit that is a good signal for health.  Health will be high on your priorities during the month of October.  The planet Venus being nearly all month in the sign of Virgo stresses your nervous system.  You should find ways to rest and relax and if possible,  move away from acid foods to alkaline!   When the planet Pluto starts moving forward on the 4th, in the sign of Capricorn, it sets up a week of new analysis with Venus in Virgo,  on your personal health regime!   By Monday 18th Oct the Moon will be in your sign and Mercury will be well and truly retrograde retracing your steps and revising your financial structures.    For instance, if you are thinking of taking up jogging you may need to reconsider buying new shoes with softer inserts.  The planet Mercury will go retrograde on  Wednesday 14th for a period of three weeks.  After the 5th November you will gradually find your thinking and belief system has undergone an amazing change!  Some may find a current relationship seems to go backwards not forward, as social confidence is not up to usual standards. 

22 December - 20 January

CAPRICORN [23 December - 19 January].

With the planet Mars being retrograde all this month and then followed by Mercury on 14th Oct,  you had better focus on your career.  Anything to do with the home or family issues need time to resolve.  There are still many planets also retrograde this month, but thankfully Jupiter and Saturn are both direct and it will be absolutely a delight for many people to have Pluto going direct, all again in forward motion, early this month.  Venus, being your career planet, is moving speedily this month travelling through Virgo.   To a Capricorn this shows competence and fast progress.  At the end of the month Venus will have the pleasure of helping analyse  your career issues.   Venus will make good aspects to the planet Pluto on the 22nd of this month.  That should see some of your friends succeeding again in their lifestyle, and in turn they may be helpful to your career.  With Mercury, being the planet of communication and postal services, being retrograde, you had best make sure you have some of your technology systems backed up. Good to renovate the home with  repairs at this time.

21 January - 19 February

AQUARIUS [20 January - 19 February]    

Because the retrograde activity of various planets will diminish slightly this month, next month will be a different story!  The key to your success is to travel slow and steady and being more exact and perfect, which is a lot better than being quick and slip-shod.  Because the planet Mars is  in retrograde, which means it is seems to be travelling in reverse, it probably affects you a lot less than other signs, since Mars in Aries is a Fire sign to your Air in Aquarius sign!   You may find that this month is good for writing and blogging, but not so good for releasing these into the world and better to start that next month.  With the planet Venus moving into Virgo, from the 2nd, it should make for better finances and harmony with the family.  That planet Venus goes well with the other earth signs of Taurus and Capricorn.  Therefore, if you want to market things, stress the practical aspects or the bottom-line of your product or service.   Avoid the dream stories aka “pie in the sky” stories.  At month’s end most of your socialising is career-related.  You seem to enjoy meeting new people of status.

20 February - 20 March

PISCES [20     February - 20 March]

The focus needs to be on your career now that Jupiter is moving forward.  An interesting situation takes place with the planet Mercury, which is active in your chart, but moves into retrograde motion from Wednesday 14th October.  From that time, until the 4th November, your career sees you moving back in time and space to previous ideas and inspirations.  Now you will work on these and gain in revision and alterations.  Finances may still be a little stressful, as Mars is also retrograde this month, and is receiving many stressful aspects to other planets.  All this just means that the Cosmos is calling you to be more perfect and careful in your financial affairs.  It is time to overcome compliancy and gain more clarity.  Your spouse or partner should be having an excellent financial month and may pick up the slack.  Finances will improve at the end of the month.  The planet Venus indicates hyper-perfectionism and some destructive criticism from others less sensitive.   In summary, you are slowly being regenerated by the planets this month and means de-cluttering of home and office!


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