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Nothing is getting back to normal under the Planet Uranus!

The Universe has set up the grand clash of the Titans Saurn and Uranus!

February was the first clash of these Titans.  Then cometh June and finally December 2021. It’s not till March 2023 that we are clear of this crossing over the bridge of dictatorial insanity. We are in the same period of Uranus back in its cycle of 84 years ago and the energies around us now are like 1930 to 1940 and the outbreak of WW2!  

I hear also from my clients that friendships are changing!  Some who are friends for years or even close family members suddenly and unexpectedly take strong sides against each other over the personality of Trump, the need to be Vaccinated or not,  or the Dictatorial Premiers of various states! The thing about the 1930`s and the similar energies now was the build up of “fear” so Hitler was able to mass hypnotize most of the population by the blame game and fear-speeches. The Stars indicate that  February,  was the first clash of the planets Saturn and Uranus!

We have the first glimmers of society awakening to the false news flags in the media. This is Uranus and it will continue bringing awareness to us all of the false flags of the media properganga!  This awakening last month,  caused an apology from the face book executive for cutting off critical news sharing.

Already we see the stars in action  with the incredible clash of  Saturn and Uranus. This is highlighted now by the “Face book Saga” the “Lockdowns” causing empty stadiums and cancelled weddings,  the Vaccinations, the rift with China, the change in the USA President, the Military takeover in Burma, The  Ice age sweeping across Europe /USA causing huge power black outs in Texas, USA.  Wind Turbines froze and snow covered the Solar Panels. Million without heating and power in this day and age!  All these are mainly Saturn...AKA Chronos ...the Lord of ‘Time’!   Please recall what I said about several weeks ago about the cold winter`s that are coming our way now...so be ready. 

Saturn rules ‘Coal’ and Uranus rules ‘Nuclear’ power. I wrote a year ago on the fact that the stars are indicating Nuclear Power Pods are coming to Australia.  The fear of pollution to the earth and the fear of Nuclear Explosions are beginning to be overthrown by the awakening of the quality of our mining resources.

 Uranus which rules scientific advancement sees last month,  the landing of the space vehicle ‘Perseverance’ on the surface of Mars!  A scientific achievement of great magnitude.

When traditional Saturn and rebellious Uranus clash, we experience the disruption of lightning striking the walls of our security. Rebels storm the gates of authorities. Organized protests demand reforms and systemic change

Have we seen any protests lately? Well there are more coming. The fight for freedom and personal choice verses Saturn of dictatorship control.

Saturn and Uranus possess contrasting qualities, including how the consolidating contraction of Saturn that builds enduring structures can come into conflict with the accelerated vision of Uranus that resists restrictions and insists on making innovative changes to the status quo. The tension between Saturn and Uranus in 2021 will be the defining astrological theme of the year.

While there will be difficult upheaval and polarized conflicts to contend with in collective events during 2021, within our personal lives, we will have the opportunity to make groundbreaking changes and steer our life in exciting, creative directions. As we will need to let go of old forms of security, we will also be able to take the risk to follow a more authentic path with our livelihood.  As old systems fragment, there will be support for forming new alliances with those who share our ideals for the kind of world we wish to create together. It will be imperative for each of us to be responsible for embodying the kind of change we want to see take root in the world around us.

Things will not be returning to the way they were before, and so we will need to navigate a luminal passage that will take us from the known into the unknown.

Just stay patient and focus on your personal mind, body and soul!



May 11-12

The day of – or the day after – the New Moon marks the start of the new month for most lunisolar calendars. Sundown on May 11, 2021, marks the start of Sivan in the Hebrew calendar. The fourth month of the Chinese calendar starts on May 12, 2021 (at midnight in China's time zone, which is 12 hours ahead of EDT). In the Islamic calendar, the months start with the first sighting of the waxing crescent Moon after the New Moon. Depending upon whether the crescent Moon is actually seen (for many Muslim communities, seen from the holy city of Mecca), Sundown on Wednesday, May 12, 2021, may mark the start of Shawwal and the end of the holy month of Ramadan. This marks the end of the month-long fast of Ramadan and the start of Eid al-Fitr, a feast that can last up to three days in some countries.

Early on Wednesday evening, May 12, 2021, you might be able to see the very thin, waxing crescent Moon low on the horizon in the west-northwest, appearing to the left of Venus from about 30 minutes after sunset until the pair sets about 5 minutes before evening twilight ends. However, the sky might be too bright and the crescent Moon too thin to see without binoculars or a telescope.

May 13

Early on Thursday evening, May 13, 2021, the planet Mercury will appear about 3 degrees to the right of the thin, waxing crescent Moon. The pair will appear about 8 degrees above the horizon in the west-northwest as evening twilight ends (at 9:19 p.m. EDT) and Mercury will set first about 47 minutes later at 10:06 p.m. with moonset about 6 minutes later.

May 15

Saturday evening, May 15, 2021, will be when the planet Mercury will reach its highest above the horizon as evening twilight ends for this apparition, about 7 degrees above the west-northwestern horizon.

Also on Saturday evening, the waxing crescent Moon will appear in the west-northwest to the lower right of the planet Mars, with the pair setting around midnight.

May 16

By Sunday night, May 16, 2021, the waxing crescent Moon will have shifted to appear to the lower left of the bright star Pollux, with the pair setting about 3.5 hours after evening twilight ends (Monday morning at around 12:49 a.m. EDT)

May 17

Monday morning, May 17, 2021, will be when the planet Mercury reaches its greatest angular separation from the Sun as seen from the Earth for this apparition (called greatest elongation), appearing half-lit through a large enough telescope. Because the angle of the line between the Sun and Mercury and the horizon changes with the seasons, the date when Mercury and the Sun appear farthest apart as seen from the Earth is not the same as when Mercury appears highest above the horizon as evening twilight ends.

May 19

On Wednesday afternoon, May 19, 2021, the Moon will appear half-full as it reaches its first quarter at 3:13 p.m. EDT. Beginning Wednesday evening, the bright planet Venus will join Mercury above the horizon in the west-northwest as evening twilight ends.

May 19-20

On Wednesday night into Thursday morning, May 19 to 20, 2021, the waxing half-full Moon will appear above the bright star Regulus, with Regulus setting first early on Thursday morning at around 2:07 a.m. EDT.

May 23-24

On Sunday night into Monday morning, May 23 to 24, 2021, the waxing gibbous Moon will appear to the left of the bright star Spica, initially about 7 degrees apart and separating through the night, with Spica setting first on Monday morning at around 3:52 a.m. EDT.

In late May or early June 2021 (2021-May-25 09:26 UTC with 7 days, 17 hours, 11 minutes uncertainty), Near-Earth Object (2013 VO11), between 19 to 43 feet (6 and 13 meters) across, will pass the Earth at between 3.1 and 43.4 lunar distances (nominally 3.4), traveling at 22,800 miles per hour (10.18 kilometers per second).

May 25

Tuesday night, May 25, 2021, at 9:51 p.m. EDT, the Moon will be at perigee, its closest to the Earth for this orbit.

The full Moon after next will be on Wednesday morning, May 26, 2021, at 7:14 a.m. EDT. Since this is less than 10 hours after the Moon will be at perigee, this will be the closest full supermoon of the year. The Moon will appear full for about 3 days around this time, from Monday evening through Thursday morning.


The Sun uplifts, and Uranus shifts!

So you may have an urge to break from a limiting situation or relationship.

Committing to new, unconventional directions feels a lot more feasible now.

If you experience instability, something needs to be brought into balance in your life. Be sure to take time for grounding and meditation to keep yourself immersed in the calmness of Taurus.

The Sun in Taurus gives you courage, and 10° provides the ease of manifesting.

Uranus represents the lightning bolt of change whose only goal is to set you free, so you may notice a part of your life shifting in extraordinary ways.

  • Guard against being reactive, aggressive or acting in haste.
  • If you need to speak, then speak up.
  • If you need to rest, then make room to rest.

Uranus says - who knows what you’ll do from one moment to the next anyways?

It doesn’t matter, because what needs to happen does.

Life works out without pushing hard or resisting or hurrying. And if you feel yourself contracting, stop for a moment and reassess what is impacting and why.

Uranus conjunct the Sun helps you see the truth behind the illusion.

It's a wonderful time to open your heart with gratitude and welcome thrilling new opportunities.

Thanks to this note from fellow Astro friend Tanyia Gabrielle.



ARIES [March 21 - 20 April]

Socialising and communication will flow more effortlessly as the month gets underway. Someone may show up as a source of competitive energy, seemingly bent on taking you down a notch. Choosing to take it as a compliment rather than a threat could make all the difference.

Minor health issues may  be lurking. Try to nip them in the bud as anything left unaddressed could be harder to tackle in a few months’ time. 

21 April - 21 May


Sensuality is your middle name and with the Great Mother asteroid Ceres moving into your sign this month, you can show others how it’s done. This is a wonderful time to pamper those you love.

The Taurus New Moon on May 12 brings a greater sense of wholeness and alignment between your behaviours and needs. At work, you will be able to reap rewards from exercising your creativity. Take the time to find the right words as miscommunication could be a running theme. 

22 May - 22 June


This could turn out to be a more socially active period after planets move into your sign en masse in the first half of May. Opportunities for harmless flirting with people you find attractive could come up, though you are unlikely to have much in common with them in the end.

Any diet or health issues that don’t seem to be working could probably use a refresh. Your partner, close friends, or family could be giving a lot of support to the part of you that yearns to be a free spirit. Be sure that you don’t take them for granted. 

23 June - 22 July


Your confidence and forward momentum are strong with Mars moving through your sign. Interactions with others could carry a heightened sense of fun and excitement.

The only rain on your parade may come from intimate partners, family, or close friends who could be feeling a little smothered by your love. Shifting energies in the middle of the month will lessen that friction. Even as most things are going your way, leave some room for differences of opinion.

23 July- 22 August

LEO (July 23 – 22 August )

The big-picture is rosy but you are being called to navigate some choppy cosmic energies on a day-to-day level at the moment. Aggressive figures may show up to test your mettle.

Ask yourself whether they are actual threats or more likely just trying to keep up and hold their own. Attachment and neediness may crop up as a theme, either in yourself or a partner. Keep your relationships healthy by keeping your internal monologue positive and kind.

23 August - 23 September

VIRGO (23 August – 22 September)

Work and other projects could bring a lot of satisfaction right now. Your ideas and preferences are easily accepted, especially in the first part of the month. Exercising your creativity could prove to be quite rewarding and bolster your sense of personal effectiveness.

Later in May, engage your five senses by taking part in a self-care ritual or getting closer to the earth. Remember that being there for yourself is a prerequisite to being there for others. 

24 September - 23 October

LIBRA [23 September - 22 October]

The inner artist, creator, demonstrator, or teacher can emerge at this time. You experience much joy through artistic and cultural outlets. This can be a fertile time, physically and mentally. Family might expand. You’re in particularly good shape for creative writing!

24 October - 22 November

SCORPIO [23 October - 22 November]

Not seeing eye-to-eye with people doesn’t seem to stop you from getting what you want at the moment. Tasks and goals could be much easier to achieve. Consider raising your targets to make the most of the Universe’s supportive vibes.

Physical or competitive sports can also be satisfying outlets for channelling your energy. Any experimenting you do with diet, exercise, or health routines could yield surprising results.

23 November - 21 December

SAGITTARIUS  (23 November – 21 December)

This is a reflective period for you as other people’s messages, choices, and motivations can seem confusing or unclear. Friction with someone can generate heat––either as open conflict or even sexual tension.

The Full Moon lunar eclipse happening in your sign on May 26 brings alignment between your needs and actions, as well as a better appreciation of your unique gifts. You could be in a position to help others clarify their beliefs and what to put their faith in.  

22 December - 20 January

CAPRICORN [23 December - 19 January].

The first part of May can be a great time to connect with others and share your ideas. Bonding could even come through health or fitness programs. The second half of the month brings more potential for social faux pas and miscommunication. Others may need you to give them space. Someone who seems to oppose you could actually provide the opening for you to clarify or refine your own viewpoints. 

21 January - 19 February

AQUARIUS [20 January - 19 February]    

You can likely find a lot of understanding and support after a temporary rough patch. Anyone questioning your choices in love or with your finances at this point can be taken with a grain of salt.

When the cosmic mood music changes, the things that matter most will fall into place. As with Sagittarius, sparks may fly with someone you fundamentally disagree with and yet find magnetic. Now is the time to put on a good show for admiring eyes and ears.

20 February - 20 March

PISCES [20     February - 20 March]

The Universe continues to support your will and your desires at the moment. Your ideas and stylistic choices especially are well-received. Reach for new heights or breakthroughs in order to make the most of the energies.

In the second part of the month, indulging in some personal care or pampering will recharge your batteries. New information about your health coming to light may require a bit of action or change. 


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