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21 March - 20 April
Now this month you can “chill out” as the expression says! September is a much slower month than the last several months, so you may actually have time off to clear your work load and take a break. Always welcome news is that Mercury, the planet of travel trips, perhaps interstate, and fixing up your car, turns direct in Leo on September 5th. This means that any projects or setbacks you may have experienced over the past few weeks should now straighten out. Because Mercury enters the sign of Virgo on the 11th September you will have a chance to rectify anything that went wrong in August. Mars will enter Virgo on the 5th, and be in that sign until October 22nd. You will be better at details and able to stick to any routine you may establish. The Full Moon in Pisces on September 6th stimulates your imagination. September 20th the New Moon in Virgo sees new work opportunities.
21 April - 21 May
As Mercury turns direct in the sign of Leo from September 5th you can now move forward with your travel plans, contracts, home renovation projects and everything else that was put on hold over the last four weeks. Your work will be very adept in any details during Mercury’s transit through Virgo which lasts up to the 29th. With Mars also entering Virgo from the 6th to 29th both planets, Mars and Mercury, travelling together, is a winning combination for any kind of creative work. The Full Moon in Pisces on September 6th should bring about a definite “tick” upwards in your social life. The Pisces Moon will also deepen your artistic sensibilities. The 21st brings Venus also into Virgo in the creative section of your chart, joining up with Mercury and Mars. This powerful lineup is terrific for all creative work! The New Moon in Virgo on the 20th brings in new opportunities for your career!
22 May - 22 June
Enjoy your journey through the month of September, as it is much more relaxing than you can imagine! You may want to consider taking an interstate trip at some point as Mars enters Virgo, together with Mercury, after the 6th September. Between the 19th September and October 14th lovely Venus also transits Virgo. With the planets travelling together this means a sure find combo for romance! Remember that the 6th is a Full Moon in Pisces in your career area. You should complete a project or something at work is winding down. Don’t rush into anything the week after this Full Moon, allow yourself time to absorb experiences. September 20th features a New Moon in Virgo so make two or three wishes about our home and family. You may receive an offer to find the perfect house for yourself and family. Perhaps an opportunity for freelance work that you could complete from home.
23 June - 22 July
There is a lot going on for you this month, so no respite from the last month’s eclipses. On the 5th Mercury turns direct in the sign of Leo and that means you are busy doing everything you postponed over the last four weeks. As Mercury will be in your financial sector. Mercury rules Virgo and moves into that sign once again after September 11th . This means your mind travels at the speed of light and lasts until September 29th. The good news is that Mars also enters the sign of Virgo where it will remain until October 22nd. With Mars and Mercury travelling together in this sign you are going to be very busy writing and answering emails, or networking. Perhaps you might find some public speaking to do, or organizing something in your neighbourhood. Travel plans could be finalized or you attend a workshop. Make some wishes on the 20th and join forces with a new friendship.
23 July- 22 August
This is a magic month for you as things get off to a fine start as Mercury, which has been causing delays, now turns direct in the final degrees of your sign on 5th September. After that the transits through Virgo will put your finances once again in focus. Your mind will be clearer and you will know how to proceed to increase your income. This is helped by Mars joining forces with Mercury until October 22nd. You may experiment with various diets or nutritionals programmes. You would be wise to do research on vitamins and minerals. There is a Full Moon in Pisces on the 6th and together with Neptune, there may be some confusion about finances with a partner or child. Now Venus also enters the picture between September 20th and October 14th. You may have a romance beginning during this transit. After the 20th the New Moon ushers in new financial opportunities.
23 August - 23 September
You will be pleased to know you are in a five star month!! September may be one of the best times for you all year. The reason is that Mercury turns direct and will enter the sign of Virgo where it will be until September 29th. After the 6th September Mars also enters your sign and that means you may become a power house of mental and physical energy! With the Full Moon in Pisces on the 6th in your partnership area you will find that both of you may tackle a creative project that interests you both and move forward with it. If you are an artist pay attention to detail as this is an excellent time for all your best creative work. From the 19th Venus enters your sign as well to add to your joys and will be there until October 14th. In summary, these weeks will be amongst the most romantic and creative for you all this year! With the New Moon in your sign on 20th – make 3 special wishes.
24 September - 23 October
This month finds you moving forward with six astrological events, which will definitely keep you moving! First, you will love Mercury going direct on 5th September to get all previous stalled plans ready for action again. Second is Mercury joining Venus in the sign of Virgo, and that combination could kindle a romance with someone you know, just as a friend you communicate with. Again as Mars enters Virgo where it will be until 22nd October, it is suggested that you visit any therapist with whom you can discuss the nature of your dreams. This may even be a past life therapist, as Saturn is moving forward again and you are on the search for some major truth in your life. You can look out for a wonderful time mid month October as Venus enters your own sign. That is a very creative time for you. With the New Virgo Moon on the 20th perhaps you volunteer your services to others.
24 October - 22 November
When Mercury re enters the sign of Virgo again on 9th September, you should find yourself focused on your career and professional matters. Mercury has now finished its retrograde period and so it’s time to brainstorm again with your coworkers, or socializing with others that lend more bright ideas to you. As Mars also enters Virgo this month it will be necessary for you to pay attention to some area of your body that needs investigation. As you are aware by now your Scorpio energy usually deals with the elimination parts of your body. When you get to the 19th, Venus joins Mercury and Mars in Virgo, and so your social calendar fills up quickly. These three planets travel together through until the 29th when Mercury moves into Libra. That means up to that time, your focus should have been on romance, creativity, and achieving your desires. New Moon on 20th brings new networking.
23 November - 21 December
Now that the eclipses of August are over they will be quietly setting you into a new focus for the next six months. You may find you come up with some fresh ideas because Mercury has now moved forward again, and after 11th , it enters the sign of Virgo in your career sector. This means you are able to finish projects that were stalled when Mercury was retrograde last month. Between the 9th and 29th you will find yourself doing some more writing, and/or public speaking. See if you can attend some conferences and expect yourself to be networking successfully. Your career should receive a big boost, particularly as Venus joins Mercury and Mars in your career sector. The doors open and the right people show up at the right time! If you see any raffles around, spend some money as it could be beneficial. From 20th new professional opportunities for career or see yourself promoted!
22 December - 20 January
September may be an easier month for you as Mercury enters your compatible earth sign, Virgo, from 11th September. Be prepared to move forward with projects or activities that were put on hold during the Mercury retrograde period last month. You now have an excellent grasp of details, with Mercury, Venus and Mars, refining all aspects of yourself, so pay attention to your wardrobe or your hairstyle. There will be pressure from Saturn moving direct in the sign of Sagittarius, up against Mars in Virgo, however that stress may in fact form a beneficial angle to your sun sign and you will be able to accomplish a great deal. There is a Full Moon in Pisces on the 6th, which shines light on your neighborhood, or about your relationship with your siblings. Perhaps there is a neighbourhood project which is nearing completion now. Consider also attending a seminar or course internationally.
21 January - 19 February
After the 5th with Mercury turning direct in the sign of Leo, you should feel quite “up beat” about your life. Then only a few days forward, Mercury again enters the sign of Virgo, where it will be until September 29th. It is during that time you may be more critical than usual, perhaps of yourself, as well as others. Set aside this tendency to criticize and concentrate on the details of how to better your life in your financial situation. On the 6th we see the Full Moon in Pisces, bringing good news to you regarding financial transactions. This Moon energy has a strong psychic component to it, so be sure to listen to your instincts about which direction to head into. Between September 19th and October 14th Venus moves through the sign of Virgo and travels for a time with Mars. The Yin/Yang energies are present and find expression in romantic or creative endeavours.
20 February - 20 March
After 5th September you have a reason to celebrate. Mercury turns direct in the sign of Leo and on the 11th it returns to Virgo where it was retro last month. All things being equal you move forward very well now with your antenna up to take on any new creative tasks. With Mars working with Mercury these two planets travel together and propel you forward in any new partnership endeavours. Your communication skills become excellent during this period. Your Pisces energy envisions the large picture, whilst Mercury, Mars and Venus attend to all the myriad dots. This means you have a firmer grasp on the dynamics of your personal and business partnerships. The Full Moon is in your sign on 6th September, conjunct Neptune, so your imagination says you can do anything! The New Moon on the 20th swings the whole package and you and partner rise to a new level.

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The recent star pattern highlighted the rise in madness around the Eclipse point!

It is now understood that when a planet passes over the Eclipse point like 29 deg Leo last 22nd August it has a ‘dynamite’ effect.  Like pulling the trigger of a gun disregarding the consequences, so Mars transit now in Leo  is a trigger.  For the first 10 days this month the threat of terrorist attacks are still high.  Domestic violence has reached plague proportions here in Australia. Road rage is very real so keep yourselves in safe areas and listen to your hunches.  If we do it seems that we have good protection from our guide spirits or just good plain old intuition!

Next comes Venus over this last Eclipse point, so things become better balanced after Mercury clears its retrograde period from 5th to 20th September. Venus crosses that trigger point 20thSept so as that rules the 'Libran scales of Justice' we hope that will be when common sense prevails.

Again I would love to repeat what event happened to you in 1998/9? The Eclipse period for August saw 2 major signs effected, namely Aquarius and Leo. You may have to let go of old situations  and move in a new creative pattern! There is a Fixed Star called “Regulus” and it will certainly impact all our lives as it did 19/20 years ago! The most notorious figure in world Politics now is Donald Trump the President of the USA. Look at the effect of “Regulus” in the President`s chart and know that this President is facing  energy that makes or breaks Kings and Queens!

Yes and talking about Regulus and its effect on Kings and Queens we have talks of the Queen of England stepping down off the throne.  Her Prince consort has just resigned from his duties so Britain and the Commonwealth of Nations are about to have a new King! 

Yes and with the nature of our planets in reverse it highlights secrets from the past regarding Royalty so Prince William and Prince Harry have both been in the limelight recently about the death of their famous mother Princess Diana back 19/20 years ago in that area 1998/9 that we see in the star patterns!

With 21st century Regulus, the risk of downfall is only great if one resorts to displaying excess pride, ego-mania, arrogance, and most of all the famous Regulus revenge. It is said that the higher these Lions climb, the bigger the risk of falling from grace. . Regulus passionately conserves culture, and is ultra-protective towards their creations, descendants and artistic ones. So these lions will naturally empower others to recognize their own creativity and sovereignty. 

Regulus in its high vibration can be a great mentor. This is shown by the actions of Prince Harry!

The USA President ( and a type of Royalty)  has an energy now that can push him to the limits including announcement of war or to step up aggressive moves. This is because Mars takes 2 years to cycle to our own Mars positions. Trump has his Mars in Leo at the Eclipse Degree last 22nd August.  Mars is known for beating the war drums and the Eclipse is like the flood in Texas anything can happen unexpectedly and with devastating consequences.  The first few days of September covers very interesting timing and we all can expect to be impacted over the next few days.

 The 1938/39 to 1956/7 generation have the Pluto in Leo and so Mars in transit now in that sign is 'triggering' a lot of people on this planet. If you are born 1954 to 1956 you have your blood, symbolically boiling now,  ready for taking very strong decisions.  Just avoid punching anyone!  Laugh.

Donald Trump has in his personal chart Mars in Leo and is due for his Mars return now just before the Virgo full moon period around 6th September!  at the same time, transiting Mars will go over the degree of the recent August eclipse, activating that energy pattern for the world in general, but very specifically for Trump

With his two-yearly Mars return in Leo, Trump will be severely tested with all the above factors. This September shows a timeline of critical days for health, resigning, staying in power, being impeached or assassination!  We certainly hope not as he has already passed many favorable changes through congress that seem to be most beneficial to many in the USA.

Transiting Saturn all throughout September is on Trump’s moon in Sagittarius and it looks like Mars’ eclipse trigger will set a series of events in motion.  Jupiter has just finished its 12 year return cycle to his chart.  Jupiter rules his Moon and that means dealing with the countries overseas that threaten the USA in any shape or form. Normally this planetary influence is beneficial to us all.  Now as Jupiter moves direct though Libra it favors his dealings with China!  Uranus unexpectedly favors his Mars right now throughout all September!   Saturn sits in opposition to his Natal Sun sign in Gemini!  This is a classic time of this President holding some cards up his sleeve!   Jupiter is getting ready to expand his plans over the next 3 years ....that brings him to his 4th year in office!  Any friends who oppose him and his plans will be given their marching orders as Jupiter challenges his Venus and Saturn in Cancer in his sector of past friendships.

September will be a special month for Donald Trump and this will probably be regarded as the turning point in his career. Yes we have another Caesar with the daggers of the forum being sharpened however with the protection of Jupiter and Saturn so strong in his chart now their just maybe the positive side of "Regulus" to shine through!

 Leo is the Lion, the “King of the Beasts.”  This eclipse involves the archetype of kingship – leadership, in other words.  It is triggering that Aquarian Moon in the USA chart, the sign of revolution, genius, and either breakthrough or breakdown.  Since we are talking about an eclipse, we know that something must die to make way for a different future.  During the second half of August, we are likely to see dramatic events connected with the fusion of these symbols. Might this involve the deaths or “falls” of “stars” in the fields of film, sports, or music? Those are Leo figures, for sure. And of course, very directly, Leo represents those “kings” that rule us – political leaders and captains of industry and finance. (Remember that  not everything would happen right on August 21. The rest of the month is active too.  Some events rooted in the eclipse will be further triggered by the arrival of Mars on the eclipse-point around September 2, the arrival of Venus there on September 18, and the square aspect of Mars to that point on January 23, 2018.)

'Regulus' is opposite the Aquarius Moon in the USA Chart! This November will see Jupiter giving the USA a chance to rise again from the ashes of "the Swamp"!    Regulus had a hand in choosing this President.  it fits into the Leo /Aquarian nature of an explosive and dramatic change to the leadership of that country!



Eclipses are very important events astrologically, and yet they are also very misunderstood.

Most people think that eclipses are very rare events, but actually we have two sets of eclipses every year, or one set of eclipses every five and a half months or so. What is rare are eclipses that can actually be observed. Eclipses are the single most significant astrological events, and their effects can be felt for up to six months at a time or from one eclipse cycle until the next eclipse cycle.

Even when an eclipse does not contact personal planets in our charts, eclipses are always significant. Eclipses represent areas of crisis; the houses in which the In a Solar Eclipse, the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth, temporarily blocking out the light of the Sun. On an interpretive level, a Solar Eclipse represents the past, our unconscious nature (the Moon) overtaking and overshadowing our conscious expression of self (the Sun).

It is interesting to note that this last and very important 'Eclipse' in August was in the 10th sector of the USA chart!  In Australia it happened in the 4th sector!  This means for the next 6 months the USA will face the dark side of "the Swamp" in congress and its self mastery! The responsibility for others!  Those affected will be High government and corporate officials. ruling class people, miners and farmers.

In Australia the Eclipse in our 4th sector highlights homes and residences! Concepts of Patriotism and whether the people belong as a Nation together!  Digging into the past with the indigenous natives. The susceptibility to environmental influences. Focus also will be on 'Mothers,' restaurant workers, domestics, the elderly, and 'matriarchs'!

More than this, what we “see” is the dark, hidden side of the Moon. In a Solar Eclipse we are forced to look at our shadow self, to acknowledge it and recognize it or else it will consume us. Solar Eclipses tend to relate to sudden events that disrupt our normal conscious functioning; they are the crisis that seems to come out of nowhere and that suddenly demands all of our conscious attention and focus.

We must learn to accept that the source of these crises, however external it may appear, is actually our own unconscious and subconscious. Whatever situations that arise as a result of a Solar Eclipse, in addition to their manifest reality, are truly projections of our shadow self, of our fears, of our secrets, and of our demons.

The important lesson is that we must accept and acknowledge our shadow self rather than deny and ignore it. Now, what happens when an Eclipse makes an aspect to a personal planet? First of all, the general rule that Eclipses represent crisis, focus and change applies. If an eclipse makes a close aspect to a planet in your chart, that planet is going to be involved in the changes and activities of the eclipses.


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