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21 March - 20 April
It might be time to say “yes” faster if good offers arrive in the last week of this month. This Sunday you might feel the need for some quiet private time over the weekend. You are in a very caring mood by the end of the month, and after Wednesday things will have changed for the better and the Moon is motivating an agreeable time with friends.
21 April - 21 May
Talking things out may set the stage for you hearing opinions that can make all the difference! Keep all your plans flexible particularly regarding friends meeting at various times and different places. You may still be sitting on a secret and it is best to keep it to yourself until you figure out the right way to handle it. Take advantage of open communication.
22 May - 22 June
Your good psyche is working well with your usually logical perspective on things. Keep following your gut feelings and adjust to new situations each morning as changes occur. A relationship interaction requires a decision and it may require a commitment. Any commitment of course should be revised and reviewed after the end of December
23 June - 22 July
Some news may not be to your liking, but at least you have to attend to the hard facts. All you really have to do is some homework and then make decisions. Good relations with others depend on reading their signals accurately and not overstepping boundaries. Your career and other outside interests should be going very well by December
23 July- 22 August
There is more than a chance for the fires of family love to take on some happy turns this weekend. This will be a relief if recent times have been rough. There may be an unexpected adventure or offer given to you which will make an exciting change from the last week’s heavy duties. There are the usual money issues and credit matters to attend to now.
23 August - 23 September
Once you decide you can take a risk you adapt fast by month’s end. Rather than looking at everything as limitations let yourself create a strong plan and structure upon which a new idea can work. The weekend sees you focusing on your partner or companions regarding their difficult feelings. Stability and good reasoning takes place at this month’s end.
24 September - 23 October
If there is someone overseas that you feel you have not heard from enough, that could be a subject of discussion. The Moon moves through the sign of Aries until Friday when it changes over to the Moon in Taurus for the weekend. This means that you are in a competitive mood and jobs involving “do it yourself” tools. The weekend sees a settled mood.
24 October - 22 November
The only solution to snapping out of a morning worry is to swing into action and keep busy! As you head into the end of November get your facts straight, do your homework and come up with a plan. In contrast to the last month, you have an enthusiastic temperament that wins honest recognition and gives you exciting new windows of opportunity.
23 November - 21 December
As this sees the end of November and a very strange three week period coming up in December, consider things carefully and use reason and flexibility to construct the best pathway forward. The reason for this the strange three week period of Mercury going retrograde. As you love to get outdoors just make sure your travel plans are flexible now.
22 December - 20 January
Just pay attention if you are not being understood because agreements have a tendency to go astray, or under review, due to an early onslaught of Mercury going retrograde. The planet Mercury deals with contracts or new agreements, so this would be an extremely awkward time to sign new agreements or enter into new contracts until the New Year.
21 January - 19 February
It looks like you are in for a couple of early a.m. risings. This may be because you have made commitments and need to be ready for new communications. Normally you are appreciative of a quiet start but it looks as though this is the season that stability is not in your diary as complications arise from time to time. Just enjoy all kinds of activities.
20 February - 20 March
News is coming your way to a affirm various decisions that require you to be realistic. Focus on facts, nothing else, as that will then make things turn out in the best way possible. The weekend sees the Moon in Taurus and so it pleases you to manage your property, attend to finances, and enjoy the very best in music, food and the comforts of life!

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ARIES:- It would be best for you to be aware that the last month of 2017 may turn out to be wild and unpredictable! There is a lot going on in the stars, however the main one for you to be aware of is that this is the last Mercury retrograde of the year. On December 3rd Mercury turns retrograde in Sagittarius and remains that way until the 22nd and on many occasions the purchase of high ticket items go astray. Some holiday events and time tables for travel change suddenly and without warning. Rather than get frustrated about these changes try to go with the flow and look at it all as an adventure! The New Moon on December 18th falls in Sagittarius and this is ideal for you to make some really good Christmas wishes. Christmas this year for you may be rather solemn Saturn moves through Capricorn. So this Christmas look forward to professional ambitions over the next 2-3 years. TAURUS:- There is a Full Moon on December 3rd in Gemini and a New Moon in Sagittarius December 18th. So the first half of the month your intellectual energies are considering what you would like to experience, or achieve, in the New Year. In the second half of the month the Sagittarius impact occurs shortly before Saturn moves into Capricorn. This means that Christmas for you will require to think carefully about your professional options. Do not sign any contracts until after Dec 23rd when Mercury moves direct again. Purchase of any items requiring large outlays of moneys could be mistimed from December 3rd to December 22nd ! So the Christmas holiday buying season is fraught with confusion and delays under Mercury retrograde. On Christmas day the planet Venus moves into Capricorn joining up with Saturn and Pluto. You are in the right place now for love, money and career! GEMINI:- This month is crammed with exciting events because the action gets off to a running start with Venus entering Sagittarius, right on December 1st. That is opposite your own sign and just before Mercury retrograde begins on the 3rd. So for two days your mind and heart are on the same page and it is great for a personal business partnership. Purchasing expensive ticket items may prove frustrating as December 3rd to December 22nd is the Mercury retrograde period. This may mean that you and your close partner may not see eye to eye consistently during this period, as misunderstandings are common. As a Gemini it is really good under a Mercury retro period to revise, review and reconsider. Remember not to panic if there are too many deadlines. Consider which events or festivities you attend. Christmas Day, Venus and Saturn in Capricorn sees a solid romantic relationship. CANCER:- You may have had a relatively restful November, however, this month December is anything but that! Between 3rd to the 23rd under a Mercury retrograde period, you will need to brainstorm with yourself with what you would like to experience and achieve in 2018. Of course you will understand that this is the major holiday and travel season for the whole of this year. The difficulty will come when Mercury retrogrades from December 3rd to just before Christmas when it turns direct again. The main good news is that from the 9th, Mars enters Scorpio, a transit that goes right to January 26th 2018. This means your physical energy is especially good and you should consider any good exercise routine. After the New Moon in Sagittarius on the 18th there should be opportunity with foreign travel, publishing, or higher education courses. At Christmas you are in good shape for the New Year.


LEO! :- This month feels like you are in a creative frenzy! The reason may be Mercury going retrograde for the last time this year from December 3rd to the 22nd. The only way to probably see results and get lot done is to make notes to revise, review and reconsider. Venus transits Sagittarius from December 1st to the 25th which helps you in one of the most romantic creative periods for you this year. Christmas time should b e fine as Mercury is moving direct and Saturn enters Capricorn where it will be for the next two and a half years. As Saturn governs structures and responsibilities during its transit in your life, you should learn how to navigate your work more successfully. Venus joins up with Saturn in Capricorn for Christmas Day. If you have a partner this could signal that you and your partner are going to take your relationship to a much higher level. Keep a notepad on your table! VIRGO!:- As Virgo is an earth sign you will be blessed by Mars entering Scorpio on December 9th, Saturn enters Capricorn December 20th and Venus enters Capricorn also on the 25th. Perhaps you and your partner will now be in preparations for a power house of good energies for Christmas and the New Year. Those previous planets are able to delve deeply into anything you research or undertake. The New Moon in Sagittarius before Christmas on the 18th ushers in new opportunities in publishing, foreign travel, and on the domestic front. There is a possibility that someone moves into, or out of, your home. With Saturn making its two and half year transit into the sign of Capricorn, just before Christmas, you have a solid foundation on which to build upon next year, and the Universe has your back! With Mercury going direct your world seems brighter, lovelier and more fun now. LIBRA:- This month is one of your busiest but also it may be a totally confusing month thanks to Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius that runs from December 3rd to the 22nd. It’s best not to do Christmas holiday shopping on either side of these dates to avoid being in the return line after Christmas! The Full Moon, on the 3rd, is in your fellow air sign, Gemini, and that lights up all your communication skills. This probably brings in social invitations and can make you feel energies and somewhat restless. Your life sees some deep research and tying up loose ends at work as Mars joins Jupiter in Scorpio on the 9th. Mars will be in Scorpio until January 26th 2018! All the above will see a major event in your life as Saturn enters Capricorn on 20th December and will be there for the next two and a half years probably highlighting domestic energies and you will need more structure around home life. SCORPIO!:- You are entering a strange month with Mars entering Scorpio to highlight energies for financial transactions but as Mercury goes retrograde, from the 3rd to 22nd, any financial decisions, or travel plans, are likely to be revised. This period of time sees you understanding the rules of revised, review and reconsider. Purchases that you make after the 3rd December may be revisiting the details of the contract until Mercury turns direct from the 23rd December. Even with Venus entering Sagittarius at the beginning of this month most of the easy flow to your finances and Christmas purchases may be delayed. Once Mars enters your sign from the 9th you become blessed with psychic energy and you have excellent business acumen right through to January 26th 2018. That may be extremely helpful if you are considering a change of career. New projects launched after 23rd. SAGITTARIUS! :- As you enter the last month of 2017 the stars are lining up in your favour. From the 1st to the 25th Venus operates through your sign bringing you the most romantic and creative time for you this year. There are two events to watch out for, the first being on the 3rd December, Mercury turns retrograde in your sign and the second thing is that there is a Full Moon in the opposite sign of Gemini. So this Christmas, rather than rushing forward into buying big ticket items, or new relationships, take your time and slow down! The Full Moon in Gemini could bring you good news about people getting engaged, married or starting a family. The New Moon on the 18th of December is in your sign and brings all fresh energy and opportunities for travel or perhaps some facet of publishing or higher education forces. Because Saturn is in Capricorn at Christmas prepare good savings plans.


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