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21 March - 20 April
The New Moon this weekend brings a chance for new starts in your financial affairs. Take advantage of this burst of new energy to regenerate yourself over the next fortnight. Make any changes possible by moving your belongings that are only standing in your way. This is a time to know what to keep and what to toss out. Think carefully!
21 April - 21 May
The New Moon this weekend brings a chance for new starts in your financial affairs. Take advantage of this burst of new energy to regenerate yourself over the next fortnight. Make any changes possible by moving your belongings that are only standing in your way. This is a time to know what to keep and what to toss out. Think carefully!
22 May - 22 June
You normally like to think things right through and not get caught in a web of other’s feelings. However, building up to this weekend that is the gauntlet that you will find as friends are emotional, due to a New Moon over the weekend. It’s time to dig deep to make serious improvements. Exercise and good nutrition gives positive transformations.
23 June - 22 July
The New Moon on the weekend opens the doorway for you to express your personal feelings and interests. That will be certain to disturb some family relationship however you will try to work them through constructively. Some unusual ideas are coming to you, over the weekend, which will be towards your domestic interests now.
23 July- 22 August
You may now have an interest in your family history and genealogy. Maybe old childhood friends turn up, or the New Moon, in secret Scorpio finds old chums a lot easier these days. This is also an important weekend to see if you can plant any vegetables or flowers. From next Tuesday you are under new social and emotional energies now.
23 August - 23 September
The connection you have with someone just before the weekend can feel magical! A loving understanding, mutual sensitivity brings companionship to a new level. Decisiveness gets things moving efficiently in the right direction as the New Moon, on the weekend, adds a fresh spurt of energy. The weekend is filled with phone calls and emails.
24 September - 23 October
The Moon, midweek, moves from your sign into the New Moon in Scorpio by the weekend. This is in your financial zone. It should help you plant seeds for the coming weeks that will transform what you have now into something greater. Early next week conversations are the hot item about plans for the future. Evening talks of future plans.
24 October - 22 November
It would do you a whole world of good if you could take a break from your worldly affairs and set aside time to appreciate the beauty of either the beach or the bush! As the New Moon is in your sign over the weekend you have the ability to set a new direction for yourself. Both your personal goals and ambitions are emphasized now!
23 November - 21 December
The weekend brings up many things that you have been worrying about on inner levels. The Scorpio New Moon comes with intention and purpose and you know that this would be the time to plant the seeds for self improvement and transformation. After the weekend the Moon comes into your sign bringing happy conversations and nice events.
22 December - 20 January
Your social life will no doubt contend with jarring events over the weekend, possibly involving family or work colleagues. The vibration of a Scorpio Moon is to make up your mind and look at the direction of your life which should be spent looking for long conversations with a friend or romantic lover. Mystical energies from Tuesday under Sagittarius powers.
21 January - 19 February
The emphasis is in contacts with top people and your career interests soar to great height due to the New Moon over the weekend being in your professional sector. The following week sees you starting early because friends are chatty and upbeat under the Sagittarius Moon, plus the fact that the Sun enters the sign of Sagittarius. Enjoy light heartedness daily.
20 February - 20 March
Perhaps a dream of some sort comes true before the weekend. Anyhow your imagination will have you projecting future full of bright prospects and the capacity to start making it real. Your speech has a crusaders zeal to it under the New Moon in Scorpio over the weekend. Do not be influenced by old fashioned by edicts or outworn methods. Nice surprises!

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Jupiter travels through the sign of Scorpio from October 11 2017 to November 8 2018. This great benefice is usually resident in a sign for a year and during that time will also go retrograde. Generally Jupiter expands and amplifies the energies of the house it occupies or the planet it aspects, usually this is in a positive manner. We get especially excited when Jupiter is in our Sun or rising Sign as it is supposed to confer fortune, health and happiness for that year. Jupiter can sometimes signify meeting a long-term, romantic partner or job promotion. The Jupiter-infused Sun in Scorpio amplifies the potential for going deeper and broader, like a rapidly rushing underground river intently winding its way out to sea. How deeply can we surrender to the Greater Universal energies to manage our affairs, support us through our karmic dramas and fulfill our life purpose? It's likely many of us will, inevitably, take the familiar road most traveled, overwhelmed with anxiety and kind of "losing 'IT'." If we admit that we are a little crazed with the position of Saturn now at 26 degrees Sagittarius , right at the “Galactic Centre” and take a moment to re-center, this is a powerful choice that allows continued unfolding of profoundly creative possibilities beyond standard beliefs. Saturn is heading toward the end of its 2 1/2 year run in Sagittarius. Now at 25 Sag, a degree of fantasy and imagination, it is just about to plug into the Galactic Center. Are you feeling it, some intuition coming in from the heart of the Milky Way? Saturn is now squaring Chiron, an alteration of reality. No? you didn't get that? I bet you can tell from what is going on in your own life, that reality is very shifty lately! OMG it sure is a crazy world out there right now and much more to come! I'm telling you, when these two factors get together, you never know what creative chaos or magic can happen in a critical moment, big or small. Best for you to feel your feet extend into the Earth, and pull telluric energy up from deep down. Your body loves to drink it in. It's powerful. Then watch what happens in front of you. With Mercury-in-Scorpio savvy insights, shrewd change-maker strategies and co-creative cooperation, “may the Force be with you.”! This is the stuff of legends. On this Full Moon, Saturday 4th November one of the most potent planetary dynamics is Venus in her sweet spot, Libra, exactly opposite Uranus in Aries, a firestorm of awakening, sparking brain cells and neural activity with cosmic sizzle. This is fullness on another level— unexpected meetings, spontaneous partnerships, unusual, kinetic art, community cooperation, generosity and a kindly "pay-it-forward" feel. Love is in the air when we bring some with us and light up the skies.


Scorpio Monthly horoscope Your Scorpio monthly horoscope for December 2017 means the material world holds a great fascination for most of this month, but you may feel too attached to luxury items. Shopping might feel like good therapy this month as the annoying ad mantra ‘because your worth it…’ plays non-stop in your head. The best way to use this pampering, sensual energy would be to share the indulgence with others. This is nice because pooling your resources gives everyone a feeling of abundance, and like attracts like, right? In the negative sense this could purely be the need to show off ones bling. After Dec 22 you realise you need to reign in the spending and focus more on activities that are less about consumption. Teaching yourself new skills costs nothing, and that will give energy out rather than be simply taking energy in. The December 6 Full Moon is a melodramatic one for you. This is where life becomes text book ‘hammer horror.’ You may feel yourself attracted to the ‘Dark Cupid’ and find yourself obsessing over certain foods, songs, items etc that trigger adrenaline charged emotional reactions from you. You could become quite voyeuristic and things in your life suddenly have a fetishistic quality about them. Will this Full Moon you might have a passing fad about wanting yellow tinted glasses, or a blue velvet purse.


Golly, gosh what another crazy week. Weird stuff going on in the Middle East and to me it is so strange that the Middle East Muslim faiths seem to turn badly against each other. The starvation of the Yemen population is ghastly and the war drums are now beating between Saudi , Iran and Lebanon. The Spain crisis of Catalonia so far is peaceful. The governments of the UK and Australia are both reeling under various resignations of their members. Wow ...then the secrets of the “Paradise Papers”:- “The Queen must open up her full financial records to the public in the wake of revelations about her investments in the Paradise Papers scandal”, Labour has said. In an exclusive interview with The Independent, Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell said information that showed the Queen had invested millions in an offshore tax haven proved “the culture of tax-avoidance” has “permeated everywhere”. He said the monarch’s advisers had badly embarrassed her, and in particular demanded an apology of the Tory cabinet minister ultimately responsible for overseeing her finances, Sir Patrick McLoughlin. As the Government closed another round of Brexit talks, Mr McDonnell also called on ministers to release legal papers that are expected to indicate that Brexit can be unilaterally reversed by the UK. Mr McDonnell’s words came as he prepared to make a speech setting out how the Government may have lost out on £37bn from dividends in privatised companies – which he promised to nationalise in the first five years of a Labour government. The Paradise Papers – a dossier of 13.4 million documents – sent a shockwave across the world when they revealed tax-avoidance of major global figures including members of the royal family. In the papers the Duchy of Lancaster, the private estate of the Queen, was found to have invested millions in offshore arrangements in the Cayman Islands and Bermuda between 2004 and 2005. There is no suggestion that those involved acted illegally.” The most recent resignation in Australian Parliament is the former Tennis champ, John Alexander, and I remember the days of when I played reasonably good tennis and practiced with him in Australia. ( OK, big noting myself...chuckle...Yes I love ‘dropping names’ for instance, I spoke personally to Pauline Hansen today at a sausage sizzle. However I did not realize that her intense look at me and her grin may have been the mustard on my beard. ) When will all this violence and confusion stop? Sometimes I muse that is going to be when we all stop praying for “Peace on Earth” and “Goodwill to all Mankind” every time we approach Xmas! This seems to be our mantra and every year we seem to get worse results! Well in Astrology the energy changes when Uranus goes into Taurus in May of 2018! That doesn’t mean it can’t change much sooner because Saturn goes into Capricorn around the time of the Winter Solstice 20-21st December 2017! Speaking of Jupiter, there will be a conjunction of Venus and Jupiter in the heavens on November 13, 2017 which, subscribers, is this Monday coming! According to the Astronomers this will be quite a sight. Overall this should be a better month for you and you only need be aware that you should start your holiday shopping before December 3rd as from that date to the 26th you are in the midst of a Mercury retrograde period. The Full Moon in Taurus, in the first week, falls in the romance sector of your chart, so that should be very pleasant for you. There may be good news arriving concerning a creative endeavor you have submitted for consideration. Take note that there is time to spend with friends, to travel and to do other things that you enjoy this month. With Venus joining up with Jupiter in the sign of Scorpio, after the first week, this means both planets travel together and you feel more optimistic!


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